Corfu Guide - Useful Tips

- Introduction of Corfu island.

The majestic view of Corfu island.

Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, perhaps the most green with the densest vegetation and the densest road network, is an island with a great and important history, indissolubly connected with the Greek culture and tradition for more than 3000 years. Corfu has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic times. It was followed by the colonization of the Dorians of Eretria in 775 BC, and a little later on around 750 BC came the Dorian Corinthians. It is a bit farther from the Aegean islands, but what it offers is worth the trouble to visit. The last few years have been made by the favorite destinations and the Greek tourists especially during the Easter period, which has gained international interest with the unique customs that exist only here, but also in August that fills with Greek visitors and tourists.

There are 217 kilometres of coast, although much of Corfu is mountainous. At 906 metres above sea level, its highest peak, Mount Pantokrator, is visible from most places on the island.

These days, Corfu caters for everyone, including those who prefer to travel independently or who want to elude busy resorts. Corfu United Rent A Car offers a wide variety of cars to cover you on your travels across the island.

- Places to visit in Corfu.

The historic centre of Corfu island.

Corfu’s historic centre.
A fine scene out of a classic film. Unesco has declared the island’s historic centre a world heritage site. The stately buildings with neoclassical influences will dazzle you. Who could not be moved by the Palace of St Michael and St Georgiou, the Liston Arcade, the Reading Society, the Catholic cathedral, the Maitland rotunda, the Ionian Parliament and the Kapodistrias family mansion. In the famous alleyways of Campiello, with washing lines hanging above you, and in the opulent hotels with their VIP guests, you will feel like a star in a period movie.

Just behind the fortress is the Spianada, a pleasant green space that incorporates a cricket pitch, a legacy of the early 19th century, when the British conquered the island. Running along the Spianada is the Liston, an attractive avenue part-shaded by trees, partly covered by arcades. With its many restaurants and cafés, it is a perfect spot from which to watch the world go by. Your rental from Corfu United Rent A Car is a sure way to take the most of these places.

A few blocks back from the Liston is Corfu Town's best-known landmark, the dark red bell-tower of St. Spiridon church; the area all around is a mixture of quiet squares, intriguing alleyways and lively shopping streets.

The beaches of Sidari and the Canal d'Amour.
If you swim in the Canal d'Amour, the myth says you'll find your soul mate. The natural passage created by the smooth rocks is like a tunnel. Possibly one of the busier areas of Corfu Island, Sidari has a little gem that you should definitely see. Just shy of the town itself (to the west) is Canal d’Amour, one of Corfu’s most unique spots. Local folklore says that couples that swim through the channel will get married very soon, making it a perfect spot if you’re waiting for someone to pop the question! Rent a car from Corfu United now!

Paleokastritsa and Angelokastro.
Nestled in the north-west of Corfu, Palaiokastritsa is an intimate little village that is said to be the Greek mythological site of Scheria and the last spot Odysseus visited before returning home. Make sure to visit the monastery that goes all the way back to the 1200’s and take a dip on the main beach. It's a great spot to spend a chilled morning in the sun.

- When should I go?

Corfu's season starts with a weekend of celebrations marking the Greek Orthodox Easter and continues until October.

During the winter the island is extremely quiet, with many hotels and restaurants remaining closed. In the height of summer, temperatures average 30 C or more; the sun is slightly less fierce in May and September. Either way, cars provided by Corfu United are fully equiped with air contition system so that you are worry-free.

- Tips

Wear good hiking boots. Footpaths are often broken at places with large potholes. Boat trips do not start until towards end of April and ends late October. People are friendly in general. If you are travelling with little kids, expect them to be cuddled by locals (especially old people). Please don’t be offended by this.

Shops open in the morning around 08:30-09:00 and then they close between 13:00/14:00 – 17:00/18:00 and then re open 18:00-21:00. If you want good landscape photos, walk upwards from usual tourist spots.

The endless view of Corfu.

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